Saturday, June 30

I do.

Patrick and I are getting....MARRIED!!!
On this day I am going to be happier than a bird with a french fry. :D
September 15th is the date we set, (wowzaa! I'm still unsure why i did this!)
I will be planning like a mad woman for the next two months, if anyone has any suggestions or amazing links for sweet wedding ideas I would greatly appreciate them!

Happy Saturday. <3


Monday, June 25


So, no biggie or anything, is my BIRTHDAY!!!
I had possibly one of the most laid-back, most awesome-est, birthday I've had in a very long time! I had to work, meh, but one of my friends brought in fun-fetti cookies, (to diieee for seriously) and I thought my day had been completely made, but I was sooo wrong! I called up to the front of the store around noonish and when I got there, Patrick stood there with a vase filled with amazingly beautiful flowers he had spent his lunch break picking for me! Talk about melting my sweet little heart!

Then later that night after showering and making myself look presentable Patrick and I drove the one hour drive to the nearest Ruby Tuesday's and had a lovely dinner with lots of flirting and laughing and just plain fun. <3 <3

I've been having a very stressful past few weeks, and my birthday was just low key and mellow and just filled with happiness, which was exactly what I needed! I am so grateful for my amazing family and friends that made my birthday so much more amazing!! Being 22 isn't so bad....riigghht? (Just kiddin' I am totally going to start using anti-wrinkle cream pronto!)

On to other news..notice any changes? I have changed both the name on my blog and the blog design! Actually the lovely gal over at HelloLyndsey did all this incredibleness! She rocks and is super nice make sure to check out her blog! :)

Well I hope you all are having a fantastic week filled with happiness and adventures!!