Sunday, April 24

Easter Memories.

 It's Easter!

I just wanted to do a quick entry before I go hunting down some Easter eggs! :) These next few pictures show all that I am thankful for on such  a ga-Lorious day!

  • My family. They live in Georgia and I miss them terribly. :(
  • January-Grace.Well of course I'm thankful for her, she's my sunshine! I took this picture this morning, notice all the chocolate running down her face.hehe
  • Sunsets. Nothings better than a beautiful sunset on a lovely day. Especially when you have a camera handy to take a picture of it!
  • Friends. Every girl needs a good girlfriend and mine's name is Beth. She's the best and she's always oodles of fun! (Don't mind our output faces, we were a little tipsy;)
  • Patrick. This is my fiance Patrick and to put it quite simply, he's magnificent.
How are you celebrating Easter? What are you most thankful for? Happy Easter Everyone!


Wednesday, April 20

Paint Your Love

Confidence. I believe confidence isn't something people are born with. It is something that comes with time, like when you discover you have a talent or hobby that you are really great at. I have days where I feel so insecure, even in my own skin, that I would rather not even get out of bed, so no one could see me. The list of things that I am insecure about could go on forever beginning with my name Ariel. I remember in school kids would always taunt me for having the same name as the mermaid. I have always been very self conscious, about everything, even conversations that I have with people. I wish I could live by the saying "don't sweat the small stuff" but I can't, and it is something that I am continuously working on. Gaining confidence is a big reason why I even started this blog. I am fat and I have been my entire life. Being a bigger girl in today's society can be very unforgiving, which I find very unfair. One day I hope that all the people in the world can look past size and see that beautiful is "one size fits ALL." Until that day I will be filled with wishful thinking. :)

I would like to share something with you today that I think is possibly one of the most beautiful and inspiring ideas that's happening in the blogosphere. This morning while reading a couple of blogs I came across MooeraSeal 's blog. She has a lovely blog and you should definitely check her out. In one of her post's she describes the hardships she had with finding herself beautiful and the bullying she endured while in school. I found her story very inspiring, it actually made me cry. A lot of the things she said reminded me of myself and all the insecurities that I faced in my life and still have. It's hard to talk about something that brings you pain, but she did, and that's worthy of many kudos points in my book.

I am now participating in Paint Your Love. Paint your nails a color that helps remind you how beautiful and amazing you are! So whenever you look at your nails you can say "I love myself!" If you want to participate in this also you can! Remember everyone, you are beautiful inside and out! Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Sunday, April 17

Hello Haircut!

So I got my haircut yesterday! :)

And this is how it turned out! I'm still a little unsure how I feel about it. I had the same hairstyle for about four years and I wanted something new. I got my inspiration from Zoey Deschanel, because I mean honestly, she's amazing and has the most beautiful hair! I haven't had full bangs since I was five, so needless to say, I was so nervous!


So after much deliberation I just went for it! I have to go back to the hairstylist though, because my bangs are a little longer on one side, so me being the OCD person that I am notice it terribly. Other than that though I had a pretty mellow weekend, alothough I spent a lot of much needed girl time with my best friend Beth. :)

Amazing news did come to my attention late last night while browsing around on the web. Adele, the Adele, is coming to BOSTON May 15!! *jumps for joy* I was so excited last night I could barely sleep! Boston is about eight hours from where I live and I've never been, so why not make my first time the trip of a lifetime! I must express how much I love her music. I bought her first cd Adele 17 and listened to it so much that my fiance actually hid it from me in desperation. (listening to the same song over and over is a really bad habit of mine which I'm trying to work on.) So when her second cd was released I knew I must have it! My goal now is to save enough to actually go. Hopefully I'll be posting details of the greatest concert ever in Boston shortly! ;) Happy Sunday dearies!


Friday, April 15

You say all of the right things.

Why hello!

As you can tell I had a fun time taking pictures today! hehe

Well anywhoo...back to more serious my make up reviews I've been promising! A few weeks ago right before I decided to buckle down and start my blog (I'm an awful procrastinator ;) ) I was looking at a few pictures I had taken with friends and realized that in all of them I looked orange! awful! I love mineral foundations and at that time I was using Physicians Formula in the lightest shade that they carry..and I came to the conclusion that I am too pale for their brand. So the search began! I've been looking everywhere for the "perfect" shade for me and I actually think I've found it!

Okay it is! My new pride and joy...called MAC studio fix in NC20. :) Now, I was very sceptical about buying this at first because it is quite pricey, but I do believe it was worth it! It goes on light and covers wonderfully! So if there more skeptics like me, not to worry, it's worth every penny!

Now on to the second item I bought from MAC.

This is the lovely eyeliner from the new MAC Wonder Woman collection. It was sold out on the online store, so I ended up having to buy mine on eBay for twice what it's worth. The unique felt like tip is really what got me. It literally looks like a marker that you would color with! That being said, I was instantly sold! It applies so smoothly and because the tip is unique you can choose to either have a bold, dramatic line or a soft, subtle line with such graceful ease! Let's just say I am a MAC lover!

Shirt: F21+

Well I had to give you some outfit details before I went. ;) Happy weekend everyone!


Sunday, April 10

Westward Days & Random Sways.

Today was perfect a day to wear my new dress from Modcloth! It was lacy, light and had a very Westward feel to it. While driving today I discovered this lovely field with the most enchanting view of the sunset. Plus, it had the classic red barn so I just had to take pictures!

Purse:eBay via Primark

So to let you all know a little bit more about me I decided to write a list of things people might not know about me. ;)
  1. I am a mother to the most wonderfully beautiful little girl named January-Grace.
  2. I am horrifically afraid of the dark.
  3. I love the idea of cooking, but am too lazy to actually do it.
  4. Am a Disney fanatic, any Disney movie out, I've seen or most likely own.
  5. I am a vegetarian (give me them veggies :)  )

So this is January. And quite simply she is amazing. I know every one says that about their children, but I truly feel that my daughter is a little slice of heaven. :) She will be two in May and she's my little artist.

I've been buying a lot of new makeup lately, so stay tuned for many makeup reviews coming soon! What is you favorite makeup? What's the one you can't live without? Happy Sunday everyone!


Wednesday, April 6

It feels good to Smile.

Today was so beautiful it was hard not to smile. I love days like today, where no matter where you go, everyone is in a good mood. My mom always calls this Spring Fever. She says it's like when bears come out of their hibernation and they see that spring finally came. We Northern Mainers have all come out of our hibernation's to welcome Spring with open arms!

 Sorry it's been so long since I've posted, I've been very busy between being sick, working, school, and such. But, I did go to Bangor this weekend, and had the best time! I felt really silly because I couldn't find the antique gold mine :( but I found other amazing things, so all is well! Hence my outfit  combo today. 

Dress: TJ Max
Cardigan: Target
Belt&Ring: Claire's
Necklace: Ebay via Primark
Bag: Ebay via Primark
Shoes: Mardens

So I would like to share a very awesome clothing company with you, call Primark. They are actually a UK company and they currently don't ship things to the US so...thank goodness for EBAY! Until recently I hadn't been a huge ebayer, but I finally decided to set up a paypal account, which I (embarrassingly enough) thought was a certain kind of debit card you needed to apply for. hehe Primark has the cutest clothes and to make even better, they're sizing goes all the way up to a size 20! I know right! Very exciting!

This is perhaps my favorite ring..ever! It is so big and feminine and makes me feel like a princess! Oh! and I also painted my finger nails to look like little Easter eggs! Easter is, after all, one of my favorite holidays. Everything is so bright, and cheerful, and that's the one time of year that all my favorite colors are the main color schemes in every ones home. While at Target this weekend, I actually saw cookie sheets in pastel colors! How awesome is that! I sadly regret that I was too cheap to pay the 12 dollars they wanted for them. I might wait to see if they still have any in an "after Easter day" sale. One can only hope. :) But I must go now and start working on my English paper! Have a wonderful week lovies!