Wednesday, March 7

It's as simple as a new haircut

"The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything"

I got my hair cut today!

And man does it feel good! I think there is nothing better than getting a new hair cut. It's almost like a chance to discover a new you. I love it! What is one of your favorite things to do for you? Happy Hump Day. :)

xoxox Ariel


  1. One of my favourite things is to have a long hot bath, with lots of bubbles, face masks, hair masks, body scrubs, green tea, a good book etc... Makes me feel amazing!

  2. i need a haircut desperately! you look charming!

  3. Hey

    I was just wondering if everything was fine... you haven't posted in a while and I really enjoy reading your posts! I hope everything is ok with you!