Saturday, May 26


Hey ya'll! I know I haven't done an outfit post or a post period in quite some time and I'd like to give a little explanation on to whats going on in my life. Patrick, January, and I are in the stages of planning a big change for our little family. I won't give too many details right at the moment, I don't really want to jinx anything (I'm wicked superstitious.) But *fingers crossed* that everything will fall into place and that I can share this exciting news with all of you soon! I need to gush. ;)
Secondly, PrettyLittleLayers is going to be having a lot of changes. I have been pondering for some time on weather or not 'PrettylittleLayers', is well, me. I feel very constricted to this name for my blog, and it might just be me doing it to myself, but I feel like Prettylittlelayers just isn't who I am anymore. It makes me feel like I must show outfits of lace, florals, and dainty things, when in reality I love all of things, but sometimes I wear skulls, and glitter and just want to rock out. I want something that describes me as a person, my likes, and dislikes. I also feel like my blog looks very amateur, and I would like to take the time to get a total blog revamp! Hopefully I can get all these things in order, and have a better blog set up for all of you and myself. Thanks for sticking with me. Have a lovely Saturday dears.


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