Thursday, March 24

A Beautiful Start.

Hello everyone! My name is Ariel and this the start of my very first blog! I'm 20 years old and live on the very outskirts of northern Maine, about five minutes from Canada, and halfway to nowhere. I'm a fat girl who loves to be"fatshionable." I believe big is beautiful!

 I decided to start a fashion blog after following a few UK plus sized bloggers and seeing how they are so proud of their curves and how amazing they dress! They inspired me to do the same! I want to help inspire all the girls out there, to not hide their curves, but to show them off!

This blog is going to showcase some of my favorite outfits, beauty products, and just the daily life of a fat girl! Thanks for following! I do believe this is going to be a beautiful start to a wondeful thing! :)


  1. you are def a very beautiful girl and extreemly "fatshionable" i am greatful that you are my friend and i love you so much. i will miss you when i leave!

  2. i like it Ariel...very fashion-forward, and trendy...i like the pics...:) happy blogging...