Tuesday, March 29

Spring has Sprung!

Hello again! I must share with you how excited I was to wake up this morning to the beautiful rays of sun shining right through my window! YES! I finally..and I feel it totally appropriate to exaggerate that finally, feel as though spring has sprung! After pondering what to do on this beautiful day, I decided that I would check out the new antique store downtown. This is what I wore.

Shirt&Shorts: Forever21
Blazer: Target
Shoes: Modcloth
Purse: Urbanoutfitters
Tights: Mardens

I have been wanting to wear these shorts for ages! I ordered them from Forever21 plus and they fit perfectly! I wore the with tights quite simply because it was nice out, but not nice enough to leave my legs totally exposed. So when the weather is this nice and I'm driving downtown it's always nice to see all these people walking about, it makes me ready for summer, and the summer strolls that come with it.

I feel awful because I can't remember the name of the store I visited, BUT, it is absolutley lovely, and even though I'm not feeling the best, I was so happy that I decided to stop by. From the moment I stepped inside, I felt at home. Everything was so cozy, warm, & just plain vintage. I ended up only buying three things, but after having a very interesting convo with the shop's owner, I learned about a antique flea market that is four stories high in Brewer! O..M..G!

Ring: Ruche

That is probably the best news an antique lover could ever hear! This is just the news I needed, because it just so happens that my lovely finace and I will be in the Bangor/Brewer area THIS weekend! I called him asap and added this goldmine to the list of places we have to visit when we go! So needless to say I had a wonderful day, (even though I'm coming down with a cold) and I will definitely be posting pictures this weekend of all the treasures I find. I hope everyone has a fantastic & adventure filled week! :)

                                                                      Love Always,

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