Friday, January 13

Blue Days

                                                       Dress: Modcloth Jacket: Target
                                                        Belt:PacSun Shoes:Blowfish

Hello everyone and a very late Happy New Years lovies! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. :)

Dress:Modcloth Belt:PacSun
Jacket:Target Boots:Blowfish

New Year's resolutions everyone? Mine is to run a 5k by May. Daring, yes. Unbelievably hard, you betcha. This year I plan on getting healthy, not skinny, just healthy. It is a harder task than it seems, but with the right amount of want and will power I do believe I can succeed. I'm doing this for myself, I need to feel more empowered with my life. I am not ashamed of being plus sized, but sometimes you just need to do what is right for you.
I've had quite a few questions about buying clothes online and knowing how they will fit. To help I've made a cute little list of things to look for when purchasing any clothes online. :)
  • Firstly, always read the product description if there is one listed. Some sites like Modcloth give great descriptions that say if the item fits large or if you need to order a size up.
  • For my plus size ladies: Knits are our best friends. Why? They stretch!
  • Measure yourself (despite how badly we dread seeing those numbers) they do come in handy.
  • A few materials I stay away from are: polyester and anything that says it's woven. They are likely to give no stretch and these kind of garments are better to try on in person.  
I hope this helps! Have a lovely week! :)

xoxoxo Prettylittlelayers

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