Saturday, December 10

Whilst I was away..

Hi lovies! I'm back from my overly long, but much needed break from blogging! I've so much to share with everyone!

First of all, my little family has now moved and is currently residing in our very first house! It's lovely and perfect, and best of all I have my own room just for clothes. All my dreams have come true,(not all of them entirely) but what girl doesn't want a room just for their clothing?
Secondly, I have so many more new clothes I don't even know how to show you them all, but when there's a will there's a way, and I full of will and excitement!
And lastly, I do believe my style in clothes is changing. It seems the way I dress changes about every two years or so and I'm not quite sure why. Phases I suppose. Right now I am infatuated with Native prints and florals. Odd combinations? I think we'll find out!
I am ecstatic to be back and I hope to hear from you all soon. :)


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  1. Aw, happy to see you back! Looking forward to seeing your posts again:)