Wednesday, April 6

It feels good to Smile.

Today was so beautiful it was hard not to smile. I love days like today, where no matter where you go, everyone is in a good mood. My mom always calls this Spring Fever. She says it's like when bears come out of their hibernation and they see that spring finally came. We Northern Mainers have all come out of our hibernation's to welcome Spring with open arms!

 Sorry it's been so long since I've posted, I've been very busy between being sick, working, school, and such. But, I did go to Bangor this weekend, and had the best time! I felt really silly because I couldn't find the antique gold mine :( but I found other amazing things, so all is well! Hence my outfit  combo today. 

Dress: TJ Max
Cardigan: Target
Belt&Ring: Claire's
Necklace: Ebay via Primark
Bag: Ebay via Primark
Shoes: Mardens

So I would like to share a very awesome clothing company with you, call Primark. They are actually a UK company and they currently don't ship things to the US so...thank goodness for EBAY! Until recently I hadn't been a huge ebayer, but I finally decided to set up a paypal account, which I (embarrassingly enough) thought was a certain kind of debit card you needed to apply for. hehe Primark has the cutest clothes and to make even better, they're sizing goes all the way up to a size 20! I know right! Very exciting!

This is perhaps my favorite ring..ever! It is so big and feminine and makes me feel like a princess! Oh! and I also painted my finger nails to look like little Easter eggs! Easter is, after all, one of my favorite holidays. Everything is so bright, and cheerful, and that's the one time of year that all my favorite colors are the main color schemes in every ones home. While at Target this weekend, I actually saw cookie sheets in pastel colors! How awesome is that! I sadly regret that I was too cheap to pay the 12 dollars they wanted for them. I might wait to see if they still have any in an "after Easter day" sale. One can only hope. :) But I must go now and start working on my English paper! Have a wonderful week lovies! 


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