Sunday, May 15


Tights&Shoes: Modcloth


So these photo's are just a few snap shots of my weekend and its endeavors. January-Grace turned two on Saturday and we spent the day in Bangor. Patrick and I took her shopping, letting her pick some of her own presents, (expensive idea by the way), then we took her to a McDonald's with a play palace! She had the best time and I was a nervous wreck worrying about her falling and getting hurt and such. Some call it over protective, I call it over loving :). I can't wait to see the adventures that lay ahead for our pint-pint sized family!

The cake didn't turn out too awful and I surprised myself with how much fun it was to actually frost something! I became really technical with how I wanted each individual swirl to look, but it didn't end up mattering after all. Those little spots of missing frosting are from January's little fingers. She found the cake early and couldn't resist! hehe

Whilst shopping on Saturday I found the most marvelous dress! I'm wearing it in the first photo and I absolutely adore it. It makes me feel like Zoey Deschanel when I wear it, so classy and sophisticated, with a dash of cuteness. I paired it with my favorite pair of yellow flats from Modcloth to make the yellow in the flowers pop. Target is never a disappointment for finding amazing dresses and I always love going shopping there!

One thing I have noticed about my shopping experiences is that I always seem to buy a lot of things that day that are all of the same color without realizing it! That is until I get home that night to look over what all I've bought. It's kind of funny and it always makes me laugh. Patrick says the color secretly expresses how I'm feeling. This weekends color was a peachy-pink. :)

Does anyone else do this or am I the only one? What are the colors that catch your eye when you go shopping? I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Happy Sunday!



  1. i do the same thing! i went to goodwill a couple of weekends ago and everything i bought was navy. it was kind of weird. also, i LOVE that red dress with the flowers. so so cute :)

  2. You are too adorable!! I love both outfits..the bright cheery colors of the first one are just perfect. And those shoes!!

    Sometimes I do the same thing...lately it's been oceany blues. I kinda get obsessed with a color and just buy, buy, buy w/o even realizing it.

  3. I love Target too!
    Thanks for the lovely note on my blog, it's nice to share with new friends :)

  4. oh so cute pictures!
    Love Lois xxx