Saturday, July 21

A little love story.

**Warning: This post is going to be quite sappy. Hope you can bare with me :)

Okay ya'll..I found it! I found the dress I want to marry the love of my life in...and it was in the first shop we went too and only took me like an hour to decide. That's pretty good right?
I can't even believe...everything that's going on..I'm still in shock that I'm actually getting married. I honestly thought I would never get married, at the age of ten I had decided that marriage wasn't for me. It's strange how one person can affect your thoughts and feelings soo much isn't it? When Patrick and I first got together I didn't think we'd last. I had the mind set, it'll be fun while it lasts and kind of went with the flow of things. But then I fell...hard for this kid with unbelievably gorgeous blond curly hair. Patrick and I met online, through yahoo messenger actually, and we had been dating for a few months when he came to Georgia to meet/visit me. It was so scary and interesting meeting someone you'd never seen but had only connect through the sound of their voice before in real life. My older sister Gretchen went with me for safety of course and we had a blast talking about how this mystery man would turn out. When Patrick first got off the plane I saw him and immediately turned around, I was soo nervous!! He ended up staying with my family and I for over a month then ended up going back to Maine from the lack of funds. I moved to Maine two days after I graduated from high school. (The things you do for love huh?) The first year in Maine was hell. I had no friends and no self esteem. But like all things you get past those things to even greater things later. I honestly believe moving to Maine helped me develop who I am as a person. People from Maine always say, "People move to Maine thinking they can change it, but people don't change Maine, Maine changes people." I'm glad I moved to Maine, I've been so blessed within my endeavours, and I can't even begin to tell you how thankful I am for everything my life has given me thus far. I can't wait for all the new adventures life has en store for my little family and me. Thanks for sticking with me this far guys, I hope it wasn't too boring. ;)


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