Wednesday, July 4

Happy Birthday America!!

I must say that I absolutely love the Fourth of July! We had a fun filled day of going to the small town fair they throw every year and stuffing our faces with wayy to many sweets.
I wore wedges for the first time today and my dress was a wee bit too short but oh wells, ya live and you learn right? I love my wedges, I have literally always been such a chicken about them, but I was soo wrong about them! I might becoming a wedge-aholic. ahaha

January's first firework experience was tonight, and she was giggling the whole time! It was just so precious and she kept yelling, "Happy Birthday Captain America!!", haha She has this superhero phase that she's going through.

She had to take a picture sitting on her car! I mean doesn't evvveerryybbooddy? ;)
I hope ya'll had a wonderful Fourth doing amazing things!!
Psst. Sorry for such blurry pictures I'm not sure why they keep posting like this, grrr.

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