Monday, February 20

Breaking a sweat

"Sweat is your fat crying."

Today was a hard day. I have been going to Weight Watchers and working towards my NY's resolution of running a 5k since the first of the year. I've lost in total 13 pounds and I've gotten myself up to running around 2.25 miles on my treadmill. Every time I look in the mirror though I don't see any change, I actually feel as though I am bigger! I'm totally discouraged, I mean with all the exercising and eating right that I'm doing I feel as though I should be seeing some kind of change in my body. Any advice on how to get a better workout or any weight loss/get healthy tips would be greatly appreciated. :)

xoxoxo Ariel


  1. It is best to keep your metabolism up. I keep mine very high by drinking a lot of white and green tea. White tea is better as it helps break down fat in the body. Green tea is good for increasing the metabolism. Preferably drink green tea before you excercise as you will burn more calories.

    Another trick is to eat a very hot whole pepper before you go to bed, it increases your metabolism again.

    Drink a pint of water before you eat, as it will make you feel fuller a lot quicker when you start eating.

    I run most days, but I don't do long runs. I do a couple of miles each day. Why? Because I can easily run 2 miles quickly each day, than doing one long run where I am tired for the last 5 miles, and not running as fast.

    I don't really know about diet foods or anything as I eat whatever (mostly cake and chocolate), but I ensure that I balance it out with excercise

    1. Thanks for all your great healthy advice!! I've heard of green tea helping with your metabolism, but never white tea! When you say hot pepper, do mean like a chili pepper or like a jalapeno? Thanks again for all your help!

  2. Keep with it! I promise you, you'll feel the change in your body and you'll see results.

    1. I'm going to keep with it, I feel better after excerise and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll see results soon. :) Thanks for your encouragment!