Sunday, April 17

Hello Haircut!

So I got my haircut yesterday! :)

And this is how it turned out! I'm still a little unsure how I feel about it. I had the same hairstyle for about four years and I wanted something new. I got my inspiration from Zoey Deschanel, because I mean honestly, she's amazing and has the most beautiful hair! I haven't had full bangs since I was five, so needless to say, I was so nervous!


So after much deliberation I just went for it! I have to go back to the hairstylist though, because my bangs are a little longer on one side, so me being the OCD person that I am notice it terribly. Other than that though I had a pretty mellow weekend, alothough I spent a lot of much needed girl time with my best friend Beth. :)

Amazing news did come to my attention late last night while browsing around on the web. Adele, the Adele, is coming to BOSTON May 15!! *jumps for joy* I was so excited last night I could barely sleep! Boston is about eight hours from where I live and I've never been, so why not make my first time the trip of a lifetime! I must express how much I love her music. I bought her first cd Adele 17 and listened to it so much that my fiance actually hid it from me in desperation. (listening to the same song over and over is a really bad habit of mine which I'm trying to work on.) So when her second cd was released I knew I must have it! My goal now is to save enough to actually go. Hopefully I'll be posting details of the greatest concert ever in Boston shortly! ;) Happy Sunday dearies!


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  1. umm...i cant tell the difference..but maybe it's the angle...:)