Sunday, April 10

Westward Days & Random Sways.

Today was perfect a day to wear my new dress from Modcloth! It was lacy, light and had a very Westward feel to it. While driving today I discovered this lovely field with the most enchanting view of the sunset. Plus, it had the classic red barn so I just had to take pictures!

Purse:eBay via Primark

So to let you all know a little bit more about me I decided to write a list of things people might not know about me. ;)
  1. I am a mother to the most wonderfully beautiful little girl named January-Grace.
  2. I am horrifically afraid of the dark.
  3. I love the idea of cooking, but am too lazy to actually do it.
  4. Am a Disney fanatic, any Disney movie out, I've seen or most likely own.
  5. I am a vegetarian (give me them veggies :)  )

So this is January. And quite simply she is amazing. I know every one says that about their children, but I truly feel that my daughter is a little slice of heaven. :) She will be two in May and she's my little artist.

I've been buying a lot of new makeup lately, so stay tuned for many makeup reviews coming soon! What is you favorite makeup? What's the one you can't live without? Happy Sunday everyone!


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  1. Chelsea Sloat :)Sunday, April 10, 2011

    So.. i love the pictures. Who is taking them?! You are beautiful and I can't believe how much January has grown!!!!! I love this blog. :)