Wednesday, April 20

Paint Your Love

Confidence. I believe confidence isn't something people are born with. It is something that comes with time, like when you discover you have a talent or hobby that you are really great at. I have days where I feel so insecure, even in my own skin, that I would rather not even get out of bed, so no one could see me. The list of things that I am insecure about could go on forever beginning with my name Ariel. I remember in school kids would always taunt me for having the same name as the mermaid. I have always been very self conscious, about everything, even conversations that I have with people. I wish I could live by the saying "don't sweat the small stuff" but I can't, and it is something that I am continuously working on. Gaining confidence is a big reason why I even started this blog. I am fat and I have been my entire life. Being a bigger girl in today's society can be very unforgiving, which I find very unfair. One day I hope that all the people in the world can look past size and see that beautiful is "one size fits ALL." Until that day I will be filled with wishful thinking. :)

I would like to share something with you today that I think is possibly one of the most beautiful and inspiring ideas that's happening in the blogosphere. This morning while reading a couple of blogs I came across MooeraSeal 's blog. She has a lovely blog and you should definitely check her out. In one of her post's she describes the hardships she had with finding herself beautiful and the bullying she endured while in school. I found her story very inspiring, it actually made me cry. A lot of the things she said reminded me of myself and all the insecurities that I faced in my life and still have. It's hard to talk about something that brings you pain, but she did, and that's worthy of many kudos points in my book.

I am now participating in Paint Your Love. Paint your nails a color that helps remind you how beautiful and amazing you are! So whenever you look at your nails you can say "I love myself!" If you want to participate in this also you can! Remember everyone, you are beautiful inside and out! Have a wonderful Wednesday!



  1. I just discovered your blog, and I have to say, I think you have amazing style and I think you are beautiful. Inside and out! :)

  2. Also, Ariel is one of my all time favorite names!

  3. Why thank you! And thanks so much for following! :)